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A Big Hug Book 5書+名信片


The Playground is like the Jungle 遊樂場像叢林
When lots of different creatures come together in one place, things can get really wild and adventurous.
The playground can teach us how to get along with others and learn how to be ourselves….

Love is like a Tree 愛就像大樹一樣
It is a little bit like a tree – a special magical tree – that you can climb up into, nest comfortably in its big branches, and safely watch the world go by.
Love can come in different shapes and sizes.
Like a tree, love can grow and grow….

Life is like the Wind 生命就像風
When the wind leaves, kites stop soaring, fur stops flying and trees stop fluttering.
But where does the wind go?
And where does life go when it leaves the body…..

The Internet is like a Puddle 互聯網路就像水坑
The internet can be an amazing tool and a fun place to be.
But the internet can be a bit like a great big puddle.
Some puddles look shallow on top, but they are actually really deep underneath.

Friendship is like a Seesaw 友誼就像玩敲敲板
When a seesaw is even on both sides, it is balanced.
But sometimes you might feel up in the air
when your friend feels low.
Other times, you might feel low when your friend is up.
So how is it possible to get a balanced friendship….
We need to make sure we play safely in the internet puddle.


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