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  1. Perfect Hug

    Perfect Hug

    建議售價: NT$280.00

    特價 NT$90.00


    There are hugs for wrigglers, And hugs for gigglers. Hugs that are tickly, And hugs that are prickly . . . I'm out to find the PERFECT kind. This fabulous feel-good picture book is simply bursting with the cuddliest, snuggliest, most perfect hugs. Dive in and grab a hug for yourself! An adorable follow-up to The Biggest Kiss.




    建議售價: NT$210.00

    特價 NT$140.00


    Wakey-wakey Peachy Pear, my fuzzy-wuzzy Grizzly Bear, my tootsy-wootsy Fizzyjig, my hurdie-gurdie Whirligig! Who shall we see at the park today? A playful pup takes the lead on a stroll to the park, where many new friends will be found! There is oodles of charm in this gorgeous new story by CBCA award-winning author Lisa Shanahan, paired with irresistible illustrations by CBCA shortlisted illustrator Leila Rudge. Children will love searching for the hidden dogs in each illustration!


  3. Wacky Comparisons: Wacky Ways to Compare Size (WYCN)

    Wacky Comparisons: Wacky Ways to Compare Size (WYCN)

    建議售價: NT$245.00

    特價 NT$165.00

    See how many mice equal the weight of a big blue whale. See how many pigeons, standing on top of one another, equal the height of the Statue of Liberty. Quirky illustrations and fresh subjects help kids explore measurable attributes of a variety of things in a uniquely engaging way.


  4. A Big Hug Book 5書+名信片

    A Big Hug Book 5書+名信片

    建議售價: NT$1,225.00

    特價 NT$725.00

    The Playground is like the Jungle 遊樂場像叢林
    When lots of different creatures come together in one place, things can get really wild and adventurous.
    The playground can teach us how to get along with others and learn how to be ourselves….

    Love is like a Tree 愛就像大樹一樣
    It is a little bit like a tree – a special magical tree – that you can climb up into, nest comfortably in its big branches, and safely watch the world go by.
    Love can come in different shapes and sizes.
    Like a tree, love can grow and grow….

    Life is like the Wind 生命就像風
    When the wind leaves, kites stop soaring, fur stops flying and trees stop fluttering.
    But where does the wind go?
    And where does life go when it leaves the body…..

    The Internet is like a Puddle 互聯網路就像水坑
    The internet can be an amazing tool and a fun place to be.
    But the internet can be a bit like a great big puddle.
    Some puddles look shallow on top, but they are actually really deep underneath.

    Friendship is like a Seesaw 友誼就像玩敲敲板
    When a seesaw is even on both sides, it is balanced.
    But sometimes you might feel up in the air
    when your friend feels low.
    Other times, you might feel low when your friend is up.
    So how is it possible to get a balanced friendship….
    We need to make sure we play safely in the internet puddle.


  5. Peppa Pig: First Experiences Collection - 8 Books (Collection) $650 (-PPBB-)

    Peppa Pig: First Experiences Collection - 8 Books (Collection) $650 (-PPBB-)

    建議售價: NT$950.00

    特價 NT$750.00


    17.0cm x 17.0cm 硬頁書



  6. Dirty Bertie Collection - 20 Books (Collection) (-DTYB-)

    Dirty Bertie Collection - 20 Books (Collection) (-DTYB-)

    建議售價: NT$2,000.00

    特價 NT$1,300.00

    5 years + 出版社: Little Tiger Press 平裝本 書籍大小: 20.0cm x 15.5cm 【有書盒】 【好好笑的髒小弟】 【每次進書都被搶光】 【要買的人請把握機會囉^^】 【書團還有有髒小弟的CD有聲書可配合】 【兩套核對後CD內容是8本】 更多資訊
  7. Frank Cottrell Boyce Collection - 5 Books

    Frank Cottrell Boyce Collection - 5 Books

    建議售價: NT$1,930.00

    特價 NT$520.00

    This collection contains five entertaining novels from the inimitable Frank Cottrell Boyce (award-winning author and screenwriter), all with fantastic cover artwork from Steven Lenton.

    Framed is a funny and touching story that finds a little boy turning the perfect crime into a work of art; Millions is the CILIP-Carnegie-Medal-winning tale of a not-so-great train robbery that ends with unexpected treasure; and Cosmic is a tall tale about a boy who ends up competing with a group of adults for a chance to head into space.

    Frank shows his anarchic side with the fast-paced The Astounding Broccoli Boy and Sputnik's Guide to Life on Earth is all about a warm and rambunctious family who live on a small farm and sometimes foster children. 
    Format: paperback


  8. The Love in My Heart

    The Love in My Heart

    建議售價: NT$245.00

    特價 NT$165.00

    Gorgeously illustrated storybook perfect to read to children at bedtime. 
    The Love in my Heart is a gorgeously illustrated new picture book that describes the love shared between a parent and child. The beautiful images and scenes presented bring the message alive and help to reinforce the love every parent has for their children.
    A fantastic book to read at bedtime.

    The padded board cover and thick board pages make this book particularly appealing to little ones.


  9. Small Elephant’s Bathtime(小象的洗澡時間)  (-SEBE-)

    Small Elephant’s Bathtime(小象的洗澡時間) (-SEBE-)

    建議售價: NT$230.00

    特價 NT$90.00

    0-3歲 大小:25.9X25.4cm 頁數:30頁 平裝本 【洗澡大作戰!!幼兒常規】 會不會太可愛了!!畫風真是So Cute~~~ 【我都忍不住拿起鉛筆來學畫畫了】 【生氣也畫得很可愛】 . 小小象很喜歡玩水、踩水、喝水, 但就是【不喜歡洗澡!】 每次到洗香香時間,大象媽媽得三催四請、拜託東拜託西… 但是還是請不動小小象進去洗澡 =>妳有同樣的困擾嗎? 大象媽媽後來想到【這一招~】 讓小小象從此以後都愛上洗澡嚕!!! =>到底是什麼魔法呢?^_^ 作者:Tatyana Feeney,小貓頭鷹的橙色圍巾(Little Owl's Orange Scarf)作者,其相關作品陸續被收入插畫家原創展覽。 更多資訊
  10. The Great Cheese Robbery and Other Stories Collection - 10 Books & CDs  (-GCRS-)

    The Great Cheese Robbery and Other Stories Collection - 10 Books & CDs (-GCRS-)

    建議售價: NT$1,500.00

    特價 NT$850.00

    3 years + 平裝本 28.6cm x 24.7cm 10個故事+10片CD 【動物大大小小故事】 【睡前.起床都要聽故事】 【10書+10CD】 【Bedtime Story】 【適合旅行車上聽】 【慵懶地待在家裡】 【只有此批書】 在英國相當有名的Little Tiger Press (小虎出版社), 在這套集結以動物為主題的故事, 蒐集Tim Warnes, Steve Smallman, Claire Freedman… 等多位暢銷作家的知名作品, 有超Q的背景音樂與朗讀內容 一片CD都有兩個音軌 一是正常的背景音樂與朗讀內容 一是有翻頁提示音的音軌 一片CD大約15分鐘左右 很適合睡前、車上放唷^^ 全套2個小時55分非常充實 【確定已斷書了】 想要有聲CD+書的團員不要錯過 更多資訊

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