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Supertato and Other Stories Collection - 10 Books


He's always there when the chips are down and is ready to save the city from going to mash - it's the one and only Supertato!

This collection not only contains two books about the superhero spud and his veggie mates, but also eight more books from the hilarious author, Sue Hendra.

Children will be delighted to meet Barry, the fish with fingers; a robot with no bottom called No-Bot; and Norman, a slug with a silly (but rather sweet) shell. These hilarious stories are bright, vibrant and will have the whole family laughing out loud.


Titles in this collection (10)

  • Supertato
  • Supertato Veggies Assemble
  • Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat
  • Barry the Fish with Fingers
  • Norman The Slug with the Silly Shell
  • Doug the Bug that went Boing
  • No-Bot The Robot with no Bottom
  • Barry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster
  • Gordon's Great Escape
  • I Need a Wee!

庫存狀態: 缺貨

建議售價: NT$3,795.00

特價 NT$650.00

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