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Emma Dodd 6 books collection


"I love every bit of you, your eyes and ears and nose.
I love every bit of you, from your head down to your toes"
This funny little monkey has someone special who loves him more and more every day.

"Which part of you do i love you best? I'm going to try a little test,,,"
One little koala finds that a mother's love covers everything, from unhappy tears to twinkly smiles.

"The ocean is deep and I am small.
The mountains are steep and I am small"

A little penguin gets lost in a huge would and discovers one big reason to feel important.

"When I grow up, I want to be clever and funny, wild and free"
One little bear shares his dreams for the future with dis adoring parent.

"When you're scared and feel unsure, you'll find me right beside you. If you're ever feeling lost , you know I'll always find you."
One little polar bear discovers that through life's ups and downs, a father's love lasts forever.

"Sometimes you're happy. Sometimes you're sad. Sometimes you're good. Sometimes you're bad"

But one special little elephant will always know his mother's love.


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