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Evie's Magic Bracelet Collection - 3 Books (Collection)


This collection includes the first three books in a truly magical series by Gold-winning Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill. We'd recommend the fantasy stories to children who love Rainbow Magic.

The Silver Unicorn starts the series and it follows Evie as she receives a parcel in the post from her Grandma Iris in Jamaica that contains a beautiful bracelet. But this isn't any old bracelet; it's one that gives her the chance to speak to animals. First up, she has to calm down a frightened silver unicorn.

In The Enchanted Puppy, Evie is sent another bracelet by Grandma Iris and this one can bring things to life - including soft toys. In The Sprites' Den, the latest bracelet allows Evie to conjure up anything she wants out of thin air. 
Format: paperback


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